Penny Stocks Club Membership Plans

The Penny Stocks Club Offers Three Membership Levels. All Levels of Membership Include a Free 14 Day Trial. We Invite You to Join for Free and Look Around. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some FAQ we’ve put together for potential new members. Please read them to gain a better understanding regarding expectation and our club’s pholosiphy. 

How much money can I make with Penny Stocks?

The amount of money you make in the markets depends on many factors beyond our control. That said, the Penny Stocks Club was formed for investors who want to grow their stock portfolio based on the mutuial growth of the companies they invest in. Your individual returns will vary.  

As a member, can you guarantee I'll make money buying the Penny Stocks you recommend?

No one can, or should they, ever guarantee any return on any investment. If you are expecting a daily unicorn discovery based on the information we provide, this may not be for you. We do not push any investment in anything. The information our members receive is just that. Information. You are free to do with it as you chose. We do ask however that you do not share this information with any third parties and/or non-members.  

Are Penny Stocks the best place to start for new investors?

We recommend those new to investing get started by paper trading first. Paper trading is covered in the free course we made available to all members immediately upon subscribing. We highly recommend you take the investing course prior to placing any trade using your hard earned cash. 

How easy is it for me to cancel my membership after I join?

Your membership can be canceled at anytime. Should you decide to cancel however, your subscription will remain active for the remainder of the billing period, and your club access will discontinued prior to the next billing cycle. Should you not wish to receive email from us after your cancelation you may opt out any anytime. You may also cancel anytime during your free 14 Day Trial without obligation and incur no billing charges. 

Why do you only focus only on Penny Stocks?

Our members believe huge upside potential exists for those willing to buy and hold Penny Stocks. We’ve found Penny Stocks to be a softer approach to the stock market for both the seasoned trader and new investors alike. 

How much money do I need to get started?

We offer a free 14 Day Trial at all membership levels. You do not need any cash to start. You’re invited to learn how to invest and paper trade at no cost and without any money. People paper trade all the time for practice and research purposes because it does not involve money. We will teach you to do so on an automated trading platform. Doing this first will help you gain experience trading prior to spending a single dime. It’s a great way to start and will help you with fundamentals of placing trades. We believe starting here makes a great foundation towards building your own portfolio over time.  

Welcome to The Penny Stocks Club



The Penny Stocks Club (the club) is designed to assist those interested in learning to invest in penny stocks. Our intention towards our members is merely to disseminate information regarding penny stocks. The club’s mission is only to help those individuals interested in Penny Stocks to get started when they choose to and/or feel ready to do so. When the individual member feels they are either ready to trade and/or invest in stocks each member does so under their own free will. This club has been formed as a means of sharing information regarding penny stocks. Nothing more.


We are not paid to advertise, hype or push any stock investments to our members our anyone else. Nor are we financial advisors. No stock or purchases of said stock is hereby ever “recommended” nor do we participate in any “pump-and-dump” schemes. The purchase of any stock, by you, is done so strictly based on YOUR individual risk tolerance and should never be solely based on information provided by the club. We are NOT an investment club. Nor do we co-mingle or pool our members funds for the sake of buying any investment and/or anything else. Our sole purpose is to educate our members and share information with them.


By joining The Penny Stocks Club, you understand the information shared with you is done so within the strictest confidence and for educational purposes only. By joining our club, you agree not to share details and information made available to you with any third parties unassociated with our club. Also, by joining our club, either on a trial, or ongoing basis, you’re agreeing to receive email from The Penny Stocks Club, regarding Trade Alerts and/or other email from us, sent out as we chose to. Also, we may on occasion, send you offers by partners and/or affiliates as we see fit. We do not SPAM! Emails sent out are done so strictly with the intent of sharing value with club members. Members are free to opt out of receiving email from us at any time. We will never share or sell members email addresses or anything else regarding member’s private information to any third parties.


Although information shared with our members is done so with the hopes of each member becoming a better, more profitable investor, we make no guarantees regarding return on investment (ROI) or even that you will gain any sort of heightened advantage over others in the market. People who buy stocks often can, and do, lose money. Investing involves risk. We urge you to seek council from your own Financial Advisor prior to investing in stocks.   


By joining The Penny Stocks Club you acknowledge you have both read and understand our FAQ, Disclaimers, Disclosures, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of The Penny Stocks Club.