Penny Stocks Mean Big Business for Investors 

Penny stock trades go on daily and are a big part of our country’s economic engine. If you’re new to Penny Stocks or just tired of the results you’ve been getting, we invite you to join The Penny Stocks Club. 

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Joining the The Penny Stocks Club means pluging in to our system, rules and tolences for investing in Penny Stocks all while you learn. 


Our team does a deep-dive fundamental analysis of each candidate in search of value and upside potential.


Using technical analysis we determine the best entry point based on historical data looking to maximize each opportunity.


Knowing when to get into a Penny Stock is important. But also knowing when to exit and protect profits is key.

Valuable Fundamental Analysis

Our team scans thousands of Penny Stocks. We select only those meeting our Level I criteria. Afterward, during Level II, we separate the overvalued and the hyped.

At Level III we apply our club’s Ten Question Scoring System. Using this method we identify Penny Stocks with the most upside potential.

Only a handful of stocks ever make the cut. You won’t want to miss a single week of our Penny Stock Alerts email! 

A Winning Formula to Discover Tomorrow’s Top Performers

In order to search out tomorrows potential top performers we reach out directly to company management and investor relations. We ask the tough the questions and look for the right answers.

Each company is then discussed and reviewed on The Penny Stocks Club Weekly Podcast allowing you to chose wisely.

Making Money in Penny Stocks Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Join The Penny Stocks Club to gain access to our email alerts, weekly podcasts and take advantage of research, free trading courses and more!

I became a true believer when I experienced my Penny Stock surge from 0.35 cents to over $30.00 per share. It was such a rush! I've been a buyer of penny stocks ever sense...

– Richard Tocher/Club Founder

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